Poetry is…

Poetry is you
Poetry is me
Poetry’s the hue
our mind’s eyes see.

Poetry is abstract
as much as it attracts
your sense of reading
to the poet’s ideas written.

Poetry’s the child
of brains run wild
Poetry is anything
that conjures words to meaning.

Poetry is wings
fly away at will
explore horizons
reach Infinity and beyond.

Poetry is you
Poetry is me
Poetry’s as true
as the mind’s eyes see.

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87 thoughts on “Poetry is…

  1. After being inspired by this poem, I wrote one, saying what poetry is to me. Check it out.

    What is poetry?

    Something a thousand words cannot describe

    Its wind through you hair on a horseback ride

    The peace and calm of a rippling brook

    All the words in a library’s thickest books

    The peace and calm of a summer day

    The colorful flowers early in May

    Written to please the mind and the ears

    To take your thoughts off of your tears

    To wipe away the smallest of worries

    To make you content, not leave you stirring

    To brighten up a rainy day

    To wipe the angry thoughs away

    To forget about the harder times

    To fill your days with a little rhyme

    Simply pure joy, and filled with glee

    That’s what poetry is to me

    By Maddie Paulus

  2. I’m really glad I’m encountering more and more people posting poetry on WordPress Blogs. I’m scouring the net for nonprofessional poets so I can find some unpublished gems to put on my blog: thenightlypoem.com

    In any case, I have some constructive criticism for you. Poetry, as you probable know, has been the subject of many poems. It has been done to death really. So, the only way to really write a poem about Poetry and succeed without being cliche is to do it from a unique perspective. I think distinctive language helps with that, but also you should consider creating specific details that are unique. Phrases such as
    “our mind’s eyes see” or “explore horizons reach Infinity and beyond” are cliches that many a person has heard before. It dampens the effectiveness of the poem by making the poem’s “message” trite. Essentially, with you want to write about Poetry, make the poem specific to your experience. Don’t generalize so much. People can relate more to personable experiences rather than broad over-arching themes and sayings. Hope that helps.

    If you’d like to see some examples of what I mean, check out my blog: thenightlypoem.com

    Keep up the great work!

  3. I really enjoyed this piece. I found it very evocative in a meta-poetry kind of way. The flow was very powerful.

    A few parts that felt more rough to me were:

    “…as much as it attract
    your…” to say ‘attract’ instead of ‘attracts’ just to make it rhyme made me stumble a bit as I read this part. I had to stop the otherwise musical flow in my head and go back and reread this part.

    sense of reading
    to the poet’s ideas written.

    “…reach Infinity and beyond…”
    whether this part is from something other than Toy Story or not, the cliche line felt non sequitor in what otherwise was a beautifully woven fabric.

    My 2 cents anyway.

  4. Nice. This reminds me of another poem I’ve read, but I’m blanking on the name and author :/ Still, well written.

  5. Awesome poem! Great style and flow. I would love to have you as a guest blogger on my site, so tell me if you’re interested. (midnightdelusions.com)

  6. Love the cadence to this song praising poetry. You just about summed up everything there is to say about the subject, and in a classy way to boot.

  7. I like this a lot, I’ve been writing poems too, hoping that people would like to give it a look at…=P

  8. Glad to read you today, hope all is well in your blogging or poetry writing agenda.
    We treasure your input and would be delighted to see you at our potluck again this coming Monday.
    Any poem is acceptable, simply link in and share…
    Let me know if you need further assistance.
    Keep writing, Keep inspiring!

  9. Happy deepawali! May light, happiness and wealth shower down on your world and stay.

    where is today’s special post?????????????

  10. The truth summed up in such a wonderful package. I could easily show this to my associates whenever they chide me for “writin’ them fancy words”. Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Nice, i never get it when people say they don’t understand poetry. I always that it was objective, Thanks for the poem

  12. So true… This was such a sweet ode to poetry itself, Em… I think poetry really deserved this one!! It’s lovely!

    Poetry is the dream
    Riding on a stream
    Of soft and soothing words
    Like in Heaven, those peaceful birds…

    Poetry is the tune
    Sung unto the moon
    Sent to Sun and stars
    It’s as much theirs as is ours

  13. Poetry is you
    Poetry is me
    Poetry’s as true
    as the mind’s eyes see.

    what a romantic and fun piece,
    enjoyed reading it very much!

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