Uncommon Sense

Who would have thought

the thick black liquid

underneath the earth or

somewhere in the deep seas

with a smell

that makes me want to puke

can be tapped and refined

into a commodity

the world will depend on;

dictating world economies

showing the extent of human greed

determining earth’s health

causing conflicts in communities

and making governments more corrupt.

If the thought was never conceived

would the world have naively

discard this liquid

even if it flowed on free will

into their bedrooms

or would they have let it remain

where it chose to be

or would someone else still think

this liquid needs to be refined

so the world could see it

as another option

for whatever they use it for?

…but somehow someway

someone thought

this thick black liquid

underneath the earth or

somewhere in the deep seas

can be tapped and refined

into a commodity

the world would rely on

why wont the world

rely on it


Written for One Shot Wednesday

Image credit: Amnesty International

17 thoughts on “Uncommon Sense

  1. Relatable – oh, yes – and elegiac. Me, I’m working on a monster story relating to this. What happens to Tony Hayward and his ilk in it is far more brutal than him simply – supposedly – being “Siberia’d”.

  2. Sadly the world is addicted to fossil fuels, and it is sad to think that instead of working to get over the addiction the big corporations and politicians only worsen the addiction. We need to start using clean energy otherwise the earth will be doomed. What will happen once no fossil fuels are left for us to use? I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation.

    Very insightful poem, I’ve been wanting to write on this topic for a while, but never had the right words.

  3. Why do human beings so expertly turn boons into curses? The fault lies in unnecessary, endless greed.

    I hope human beings start acting on this passion. If they control it to the level of humanity seventy percent of world’s problems will be solved.

  4. unfortunately the world is now addicted it seems…further and further dependant until any other option seems pointless…a sad state indeed…nice one shot ibok!

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