Once broken, twice shy

In love

I’ve been deceived

left at the altar

and seriously bruised.

It hurt so bad

and left me breathless.

I wept as my heart shattered

I wondered how love

could have such paradox

I mean the “bitter-sweet” paradox.

I swore to never love again

not even to conceive the thought.

Just live

and achieve my dreams.

Then you came along

and reset my thinking

like I had amnesia;

despite the good feel

you present

I will never give love

another try

…not in this life time.

13 thoughts on “Once broken, twice shy

  1. This poem describes me to a tee for the last couple of years…avoiding any potential relationship after the pain I felt I had experienced in the past. However, for me, I’ve decided to give love another try – as the gamble seems worth it. There are no guarantees in life and I feel blessed to share even a few moments with the person that I love. Another great poem my friend. Thanks for sharing!! Chloe xx

  2. Love not given is love that will never be Emmanuel. In this lifetime you only have one life to live… if you live it bound by what others do you can never be free to be all that you can be. I learned this the hard way but I’m becoming more dynamic these days and I feel the happiness numbing the pain like Novocaine everyday. It seems like the bad things that happened in the past are like ancient history in a bad fairy tale.
    Remember this: You better give that chick a chance because if you don’t…Karma will come back to you and as that forensic cat on Dexter might say “Karma’s a bitch and she’s got a 14″ strap on!” Think about it!LOL!

  3. When one love door slams shut, another opens gloriously with time.

    Very heart-felt poem, Lord Emmanuel.

    And off-topic, I am designing a little sidebar link button for you today. I hope you will come see it. It will rotate down for 20 buttons, then reappear in a Fabulous Recap Post!


  4. that will be the worst blunder. sometimes we find our real mate quite late in life, after learning lesson after lesson so we can reach the zenith with this mate.

    very heart touching poem emmanuel.

  5. They say “Its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” Thats the last thing I need to hear when I am heart broken 🙂 but it is true…

  6. wow how can one truly live without taking chances… I kinda thought that was the point of living… Love is always just another chance… I do get never loving again.. However love won out and I’m glad I took the chance to receive it…

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