31 thoughts on “Flashy flashlight

  1. great to see you lordy…not only are you getting flash but i was looking at the photo abd hoping she would flash me a smile, maybe a bit of leg..maybe a little more..heck maybe a full on FLASH!! cheers and hope all well…pete

  2. ah – there are people, they just can’t be permanent – know some of them as well – they have to be enjoyed when they flash by and can’t be made to stay…
    nice poem

  3. Very nice!!! It flashed in my mind some thoughts, as I wondered why…
    Loved the part where you ask why it couldn’t be permanent! It was awesome!!!

  4. My friend, I’m glad to be here, and reading again. This piece is very enjoyable…I agree, don’t just flash in and out, off an on,….Shine!
    Cheers 🙂

  5. Nicely done as the words flash before my eyes and light the senses in poetic admirations 🙂 well done ~April

  6. Great poem, Em. I think you ask a question through your lines that perhaps no man can answer.IDK lol The analogy and double meaning is brilliant. Cheers!

  7. always making me think of something that would have otherwise just flashed past. I love that about poets – make ya think

    Gr8 One Shot

    Moon Love

  8. nice one shot ….flashing vs permanent….some people are just like that too….bkm

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