The Cross

On my back my cross laid
I must carry to the relief point
where the price is paid
and burdens burnt.

Don’t cry for me,
instead balance your loss
for my thought is to be free
and yours should be bearing your cross.

The cross, at different times we bear
when yours is heavier, I’ll be a dear
when mine is, give me a cheer
but don’t cry for me, don’t dare.

For One Shot Wednesday week 4. A budding home for Poets and Poetry.

26 thoughts on “The Cross

  1. The visual along with the sentiment couldn’t be conveyed any more clearer.

    I like your point – don’t cry for me

    thanks for all your sweet comments on my site and for coming to One Shot

    Love from the Moon

  2. We all have them, our crosses to bear. They are our to shoulder and you are right that no one else needs offer tears. A helping hand is appreciated, but it is our life; our burden.

  3. So wonderfully said, I somehow feel we are very much on the same page on many levels. I loved the last stanza. Very poignant. Sorry for being so late but am running behind with comments…been a crazy week. Sending you loads of love Em.

  4. Nice read, sympathy does not get us anywhere does it…we must help each other along – but we have to bear that cross our self and work through it…bkm

  5. Hi lordie…that was so true…i like what Bri had to say…a problem shared and all that…glad you have sorted your connections problems and thanks for sharing with One Shot..cheers pete

  6. Oh lovely!!! And an excellent message here!
    We don’t look for pity… but a little support and encouragement are most welcome…

    The image immediately reminded me of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (a modern take on it)
    It totally fits the poem!!

    A very refreshing read…

  7. We all have these crosses, but I like your no-nonsense approach to the carrying of yours and the ready hand to help another whose burden is too heavy for them. Lovely. Heartspell

  8. There is a clear line between pity and empathy, which your poem expresses very well, Em. Also like how you say for my thought “is to be free”… I read hope there. cheers

  9. i like the sentiment in you closing line…i would much rather someone help me carry it than feel sorry for me…we all carry them…and they are lighter when we face them together…thanks for linking up to oneshot ibok…

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