If you know the meaning of forgiveness

you will understand that my heart bleeds

from my numerous iniquities

and my apologies are sincere and true.

If you know the meaning of forgiveness

you will understand though I erred,

that is no longer important

considering the fact that I accept and apologize.

If you know the meaning of forgiveness

you wouldn’t let my heart bleed a little more

as long as I’m willing and ready

to put a nail in the coffin of my bad deeds.

If and only if

you knew the meaning of forgiveness.

20 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. We should be quick to forgive, but slow to forget – this way we do not open up ourselves for other people constantly hurting us. A great poem that really got me thinking xx

  2. Beautiful my friend, just simply beautiful. Forgiveness can only bring true happiness and peace to ones soul.

  3. You have written a poem on the one of the hardest lessons for any of us to learn. The root of forgiveness is love, for out of the root of love sprouts both mercy and grace which yeilds forgiveness. Wonderful work. Bravo!!

  4. In my life I have seen both ends of forgiveness, and you, my friend, are correct…we all need to know the meaning of it…from both ends. Well done as always. You are an artist.

    Tracy H

  5. “you wouldn’t let my heart bleed a little more
    as long as I’m willing and ready
    to put a nail in the coffin of my bad deeds.”

    It is a dance that involves two indeed. You are bang on in noting that to forgive is important and vital for the health of both parties, but the one needing forgiveness needs to truly be willing to change. To forgive one, without having the action remedied means for heart ache over and over again. Trust is so hard to rebuild, but necessary for all to move forward

  6. Very true Emmanuel.. only a person who can forgive will understand what one goes thru after realizing his/her wrong doings. Love this poem..! Have a great day.. cheers..!! 🙂

  7. nice one ibok…i dont think part of forgiveness is putting myself in a position to have it happen again…i may forgive you but it may never be the same…(of course that is all the metaphorical you)…

  8. beautifully said.
    how divine you are to think of forgiveness that way…

    for the poem you write,
    you are forgiven for everything…
    as a matter of fact, you are very considerate friend.

    way 2 go!

  9. Forgiveness is the key to a happy life, I learned the hard way too:) It felt peaceful reading this and I could feel the emotion Em. Keep writing my friend and I send you love x

  10. Lovely! The feeling and emotions just came bursting out of the screen as I was reading this one…
    If only we knew what forgiveness really was… we really would have never had wars/no revenges…(sigh)
    The thought is so peaceful… but alas, we don’t even know what peace is, cuz we don’t know forgiveness…
    But I suppose there is hope…

    A lovely read, Em… your words are pure magic!

  11. Apologizing forgiveness and building trust again and the person being able to change — so much depends on who, and what. We all hurt each other now and then , being sincere and getting back to loving kindness is important

    Beautiful poem, it softened my heart. You do have a way about you no denying that


  12. Forgiveness comes from heart… You do forgive sometimes easily if you love someone deeply but to build up trust again… is something harder..

    your way of expressing it is amazing!!
    your poems always overwhelm me… you choose so write and prefect words… am outta words now. 😀 😛

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