5 seconds out of time

Was it a gold coated heartbreak

I mistook for love on a diamond platter?

This funny life of mystery

will never unfold its secrets

so we can see the choices

and its consequences

instead of jumping into a ditch

and all you’ll hear is

“you shoulda been careful”

but how can mistakes be avoided

when life doesn’t even give room for rehearsal?

I wonder more.

I rushed back home

to wear my virgin maid a crown

only to realized on her head a crown already lie

and the look on her face tells me

I am 5 seconds late.


  • wonderful poem emmanu. sometimes we so wish that life and human beings were not so unpredictable, dont we?

  • 5 seconds late, wow,
    very great

    loved it,
    your talent truly shines!

  • Ouch…5 mins late can hurt…

  • ”how can mistakes be avoided when life doesn’t even give room for rehearsal.” …
    good work again… ending was really something… and d picture complement your wordz quite well…you do a gr8 job in writing…

  • a gold coated heartbreak… i can relate to that! you are indeed one brilliant poet!

  • wow!!1 :O

    some poetry 🙂

    i could never think all this up!!!

  • Exactly, unlike in shooting a movie there is always a retake and a big room for mistakes.

  • Ironic life.. we are expected to do the right thing.. and no chance to see if our choices are right..! And witty finish Emmanuel.. Really enjoyed the poem..!! 🙂

  • sweet verse ibok…5 seconds…al the difference in the world…hopefully though along the way we dont keep making the same mistakes paying the same consequences…

  • Oh my god! The end was too much! Phewww
    No time to rehearse indeed! And the ironies are quite unspeakable!!
    But you’ve put it forth such a witty way here.. I really enjoyed the read!
    Thankfully, I wasn’t 5seconds late in reading it! 🙂
    The could haves and should haves will always find their way…but it’s up to us how to tackle them anyway ! 🙂
    Cheers to Life, and kudos to you!
    Keep writing, friend… Take care…

  • I can always so identify with your work…and you speak from a deep place. Mr Romance…you did it again!! Awesome and then some more!! Thanks for sharing my friend. Have a wonderful week and keep writing!! ~ HUgs xx

  • “This funny life of mystery / will never unfold its secrets…” …perhaps not, at least it seems like it won’t when often looking for it to—universal irony I suppose. IDK. Anyway, great work.

  • Another insightful poem on life’s lessons. You sure know how to tap into the feelings of the heart. At the tremble of risk which shakes the spirit — have courage and reinstate daring , go forth & live responsibly applaud love at every age, in every moment, and dive right in.

    From an incurable romantic, have a wonderful week,,