Count Your Blessings

On the stairway she sat
weeping, wondering, thinking
and saying to herself
“what is living if the ones
we live to share our lives with
will be leaving without bothering
if their absence will hurt
or checking if their presence is vital.”

Then I walked up to her saying
“The choice of counting
our blessings and losses
lies in our hands
but would you take joy
in counting your losses?”

Dedicated to my Friend Viola and the family of Buffy. Take heart on your losses.

21 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. Thought Provoking- deep words.. I am in a situation and your words come to me as an advise. I’ll sure way count my Blessings and leave the losses.. Not worth brooding about them..


  2. happiness is a matter of choice and it starts with a grateful heart. what may seem like misfortune can sometimes turn into a blessing in disguise.

    my heart goes out to viola.

  3. So true Emmanuel.. we all have our losses but if we began to focus on what we have, we’ll realize our life is just as amazing as everybody elses.. and its very thoughtful of you to dedicate the poem to the family of Viola and Buffy.. kudos to you 🙂

  4. A very lovely poem, Em!
    And you have said it in such a caring, yet firm tone! Exactly how one would need to hear it… especially in their sad moments.. A little care and consolation for the loss, but also a little firmness in giving them the strength to cherish the lovely past, and move ahead carrying those beautiful memories and blessings!
    A great message…
    My wishes and prayers are with Viola and Buffy’s family… Patience and courage will help heal, and will assist in embracing life for its good moments and not-so-good-moments as well…

  5. yeah.. most of the times we grieve upon our losses and forget to cherish those who are still besides us… whats gone is gone… instead of weeping.. we should cherish the moment spent with ’em and move on with lives.

  6. Hi Lordy… i have been away for a little while with the family and just catching up…its so sad to hear about Viola and this is so well said..take care my friend…,Pete

  7. Sometimes we get so caught up in the bad, that we forget about the good and all the blessings that we have. Nicely put my friend. Bravo!

  8. This has meant a lot to me…I have lost my partner too and know exactly the process our hearts have to go through…believe me when I say…the sun will shine again!! You have captured it so very well in this Em…and I thank you for that!! My heart goes out to all…and to you too Brian…I send you all much love~ Amanda xx

  9. you give us much to think on with this one…my heart goes out viola and her family…had a couple losses myself last week that were weighing on me…thank you for your words.

  10. I hate being the first to comment — ugh … but I was just signing off for the evening when this come on..
    You say it so eloquently and make us pause — an insightful poem.
    My heart goes out to both dear ones over their “loss” patience is required – to heal their hearts– loss is a different gift.


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