The Heart Analysis

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The Woman’s heart is like clay

all you have to do is melt and mould it

to the shape and size you want

then choose your design.

The Man’s heart on the other hand

is like a Potter’s mind.

Different Potters have different ideas

and thoughts on their intended design.

To get an equilibrium,

the Woman has to analyze the kind of look

She would love to wear.

This will enable her choose the right Potter.

The Man on the other hand just has to remain diligent

to his ideas and style.

The bottom line is,

“Every clay can be beautifully designed

and every potters’ hand is blessed in its own way”

Just be natural.

Photo: Jusben

13 thoughts on “The Heart Analysis

  1. Hi there, my friend!

    I liked this poem for its metaphor..U comparing the clay and shaping it to that of a woman’s heart..pretty neat..

    and thanks for ur comment on my blog..I’m now more active I guess on FB and notes section, i guess lollz..

    Keep writing!

  2. Excellent analogy there, Emmanuel!! And the bottomline message is too good! Stay natural, and things will work the way they should.. Trying to do the unnatural and being a rebel (without a cause) just for the heck of it really gets us nowhere!
    Wonderful poem!
    AND the new look of your blog is very refreshing :)…
    Good to see you back!!

  3. A beautiful analogy, wise words coming from a clear mind. What you describe is what makes a perfect union between a man and woman who have gained this understanding. It takes two to make it a beautiful vessel in which to pour the water or wine into: the potter and the clay.

    Your mind is crystal clear on so many life issues of the heart. Enjoy the season and I thank you for your comments to me always appreciated and welcomed. I will heed your advice for you are correct there is a season for everything,and I needed to hear what you said. Interesting really, very astute of you.

    Love the new look, dear one,

  4. Brilliant comparision of a womans heart to a clay and a mans mind to that of a potter’s mind..!

    ““Every clay can be beautifully designed

    and every potters’ hand is blessed in its own way”

    Just be natural.” wonderful lines

  5. i dig the new look ibok…when the right cay is in the right potters hands…it makes all the difference in the world….

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