The Lover Boy

A charm he is

you can’t repel

better take another route

if his temptation you must avoid

your dream he will be

your fantasy to reality he will bring

your language he will speak

your sentiments he’ll share.

A chameleon, he can walk in any shoes

watch out, he might be in a garden near you

so as you search for tasty fruits and attractive flowers

remember you could just be attracting your own gloom

because you’re not the only one searching for him

and you’re not guaranteed of keeping him.

17 thoughts on “The Lover Boy

  1. Nice word play. Poetic warning- sharp! A snake you can always feel amidst… if you just listen for the “hiss” he makes between his words 😉

  2. please visit poets back when you come back,
    this poem is represented as fresh poets to explore poem,
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  3. Deep words that speaks to me on a personal level my friend!! Loved the line “remember you could just be attracting your own gloom”!! So happy to be here in your world again!! Awesome work my friend. Much love x

  4. Oooohhh..speaking for (or against) Casanova huh !!!
    Enjoyed this read…
    “watch out, he might be in a garden near you” – this line totally rocked me!!! 🙂
    I have found my chameleon.. but I know how to keep him! I married him, and now I pretend to be that chameleon (hushh… that’s a secret) 🙂 The pretense is real though! Love him too much for otherwise 🙂

    Good to see you back in the blogging world, Emmanuel… Looking forward to more from you (soon hopefully)

  5. I have met him Emmanuel. I have met him and sigh…

    but this i not you. I know better. Your heart is true. Good to see you back again.

  6. “Love the your language he will speak, your sentiments he’ll share., A chameleon, he can walk in any shoes,”

    Those snakes in the grass charmers get me every time, sigh. Some of us just don’t see past the charm and charisma, the silvery tongue words, the chameleon shape. So I carry snake medicine with me just encase one is lurking in my garden, been bit too many times.

    Great poem…..

    Hope your summer is going well miss your kindness around the blog land.

  7. Ol’ snake in grass is crafty and looks to beguile those innocently wandering. Nice work!

  8. WOW!!!! Strange and unbelievable… 😛

    a really good writing… the warning , signs , hope , despair signs everything….

    a fascination for me 😀

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