The Novel Man Ruined Us

Image Credit: Kchung via 123RF

Now I’m a liar
a cheat
a pretender
a shit
do you remember
my plea
for us to be
in peace
like it is
at the bank of the sea
where the cool breeze
blows softly
or roughly sometimes;
whispering sweet melody
to listening ears like the trees’
But a chance I wasn’t given
to show you true romance
not even from a distance
yet you used the guy
in the novel for an instance.
I could never have been
the novel man
neither can I have his passion
but in my heart’s little mansion
you were the queen
with no objection
still the novel man you wanted
so his persona I acted
offering fake passion
to soothe your hunger for perfection.
You wouldn’t have called me
a liar, a cheat,
a pretender or a shit
if you had seen
that love comes in different flavors
and me and the novel man
can’t bring same savor.

For One Stop Wednesday, week 1